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olinuxino-a13 Notes:

  1. Replacing U-boot using android adb

    ./adb shell

in adb shell:

mkdir /sdcard/nanda

mount -tvfat /dev/block/nanda /sdcard/nanda


push new uboot:

./adb push <path_to_uboot>/u-boot.bin /sdcard/nanda/u-boot.bin


./adb shell reboot

2.Flashing boot.img using fastboot

Connect to Debug uart :

UEXT Pin2 -> GND

UEXT Pin3 -> TX

UEXT Pin4 -> RX

Serial 115200, 8, N, 1

When uboot appears stop booting process pressing key on keyboard. Write fastboot on u- boot terminal Go to dir with android SDK platform-tools and start fastboot

./fastboot boot <path_to_boot.img>/boot_sd.img

After flashing ends reboot device:

./fastboot reboot
  1. SD Card image: Make two partitions : 1.20MB ext2/3/4 2.Rest Extract image on partition 2: Debian image aviable here :

extract it to root folder of mmc partition 2 :

  tar zxfv debian.tgz -C /<path_to_mount_point_>/
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