Implementation of Raft consensus algorithm
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ocaml-raft Simulator

Build Status

This is a complete implementation of base Raft consensus algorithm (not inc. membership changes and log compation). This project is described in detail in this tech report

The simulator runs as either a discrete event simulator or a realtime simulator, in a range of network conditions.

To build run and to learn how to use the command line run ./cmdstart.byte --help. If you are familiar with OCaml, using an OCaml configure file for your simualation is your best bet.

JS trace viewer

The following is an example of how to generate a trace from the command line and run through the output in javascript

$ cd ocaml-raft
$ make
$ /cmdstart.byte discrete -nodes 3  -follower Uniform-150-155 -candidate Uniform-11-22 -leader Fixed-75 -delay Fixed-7 -termOnTimeout 50000 -termOnElec -cmds 0 -backoff -json > output.json
$ cat output.json | python vis/ > vis/data.json
$ cd vis
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000