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The open source video transcoding and delivering platform based on Drupal
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Octopus video 1.x for Drupal 7.x
Social video platform.

In addition to the standard Drupal requirements you will need the following to
make use of Octopus:

- drush 3.1 -
- drush make 2.0 beta 9 -
- git -

Getting started
Octopus video for 7.x requires several patches to be applied to Drupal core. It
provides a `build-octopus-video.make` file for building a full Drupal distro including core
patches as well as a copy of the `Octopus video` install profile.

1. Grab the `build-octopus-video.make.make` file from Octopus Video and run:

        $ drush make build-octopus-video.make [directory]

   or use its url on directly:

        $ drush make [directory]

2. Choose the "Octopus Video" install profile when installing Drupal

- Heshan Wanigasooriya (
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