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Do not change users settings #6

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I think this plugin is the wrong place to change every users settings regarding the wysiwyg editor or the display_name. If one might want to force this, there should be an extra plugin.


You are quite right on the wysiwyg-editor setting. That is a remnant from the original authLdap that did some other things as well....

But the display name is a different story in my opinion, as setting it on login allows you to use the LDAP as main source of information and when the users name changes you have to change it only in one place and the user does not have to think about it. But on the other hand is every change a user might do to her displayName overriden on the next login. So perhaps a flag for the admin to choose whether to set displayName or not would do the trick?

Then the display name will be set on creating a new user and then nothing will be changed after that.

What do you think?


You are right. I also noticed that wordpress uses javascript to set the display name to the correct value if the name of a user changes. This is very ugly.

An appropriate solution could be to specify the display name in the plugins settings. Maybe one can choose whether to set %uid% as the display name or %name% and/or %secondname%. This would allow the admin to choose the style of the display name and the name would be updated if it changes in LDAP.

I reported a bug in the wordpress wiki. Maybe they are going to fix this. (

Great plugin btw :)

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Commits on May 11, 2011
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    Do not change users settings

    elm committed
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  1. +0 −5 authLdap.php
5 authLdap.php
@@ -389,11 +389,6 @@ function authLdap_login($foo,$username, $password, $already_md5 = false)
update_user_meta($userid, 'last_name', $attribs[0][strtolower($authLDAPSecName)][0]);
$nicename .= ' ' . $attribs[0][strtolower($authLDAPSecName)][0];
- // Set the Nice-Name for display
- wp_update_user(array ('ID' => $userid, 'display_name' => $nicename));
- // Deaktivate the WYSIWYG-Editor for better Performance of the
- // FCKEditor
- update_user_meta($userid,'rich_editing', 'false');
// Add the table-prefix
global $wpdb;
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