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A photo booth in the browser based on Web APIs and canvas
JavaScript TypeScript CSS HTML
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A photo booth in the browser based on Web APIs, canvas and using jsPDF.

Ideal resolution: 1920x1080 (HD) Will most likely result in webcams max resolution.


To compile the Typescript to JavaScript (requires node/npm and the package 'typescript' (tested with typescript 2.8.0-dev.20180308) to be installed):

tsc -p tsconfig.json

Classes & packages

  • photobooth
    • Main - Document class
    • Photobooth - Represents the photobooth
  • alert
    • Warning - Represents a warning
    • UserWarning - Represents a user facing warning
    • SystemWarning - Represents a system facing warning
  • ui
    • UI - Represents UI elements/references
    • PhotoboothUI - Represents the photobooth UI
    • Reflection - Represents the "reflection"
    • Coin - Represents a Coin
    • Coinslot - Represents a coinslot
    • Export - Represents an exportslot
    • Shelf - Represents a shelf
    • ShelfItem - Represents an item on a shelf
    • Sign - Represents a sign
    • Startbutton - Represents a startbutton
  • webcam
    • Webcamera - Represents the camera connection
    • WebcameraSettings - Represents the settings for the MediaDevice
    • IWebcamSetting - Interface for webcamerasettings


This project was constructed for the course Webbteknik 6 (Web technology 6 - 1ME326), taught by Henrik Andersen and administered by the department of Media Technology at Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden.

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