Code for creating benchmark dataset for Slot Filling
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Program for extracting SF benchmark data,

written by Heike Adel, CIS, LMU Munich

version 1.0, 2016


In the following, the different components of the program are described:

DO.getAssessmentData: The program can be easily executed by just running the DO.getAssessmentData script. BEFORE running the program, please set the paths in the configClass file according to your system environment. Preliminaries: The class Entities provides every information needed about the entities in the SF query files, e.g. their aliases and gender. This script provides the main function of the program and is directly called by the DO.getAssessmentData file. In these functions, the offsets obtained by the Stanford CoreNLP toolkit are adapted according to their proper values (including every whitespace, etc.) This script calls the Stanford CoreNLP toolkit in order to get the following information for the given document:

  • offsets
  • tokenized text
  • named entity information
  • normalized dates The class Resources provides every information from additional resources, e.g. the doc2pathfile, synonyms for fillers, etc. This script collects basic utilities functions used at various steps during the program, e.g. tokenization of names, fuzzy name match, data cleaning, etc.

Additional scripts for splitting the data into dev and eval sets This script splits the extracted data into genre wise dev and eval sets This script splits the extracted data into years; then the 2012+2013 data can be selected as dev and 2014 as eval data


Please note that the provided scripts do not use utf-8 encoding by default. This is because a utf-8 version of the program was not able to extract as many examples as this version (the number of extractions was 5292 (16%) less).


[1] Stanford CoreNLP toolkit: Manning, Christopher D., Surdeanu, Mihai, Bauer, John, Finkel, Jenny, Bethard, Steven J., and McClosky, David: The Stanford CoreNLP Natural Language Processing Toolkit. In ACL: System Demonstrations, pp. 55-60, 2014.


If you have questions, please contact


Citing this program: If you use this program, please cite the following paper:

  title={Comparing Convolutional Neural Networks to Traditional Models for Slot Filling},
  author={Heike Adel and Benjamin Roth and Hinrich Sch\"{u}tze},
  booktitle={{NAACL} {HLT} 2016, The 2016 Conference of the North American Chapter
               of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies,
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