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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

This document describes changes for 0.1.x versions, refer to "Older versions" section for information about previous releases.



  • Async and blocking operations are handled by smol crate internally
  • heim::Error type contains cause data for debugging purposes now
  • process::Process::priority method for Windows (#217)
  • process::Process::niceness method for *nixes (#216)
  • process::Process::wait method for Linux and macOS (#213, #214)
  • process::Process::environment method for Linux and macOS (#208, #209)
  • process::Process::cwd for Windows, first unstable version (#267)
  • cpu::os::unix::loadavg function for load average values fetching
  • net::Nic::is_running method for checking network interface running state (#223)
  • disk::Partition::usage method to fetch disk usage information (#288)
  • ARM64 architecture detected now, as in Apple Silicon chips (#303)
  • "Windows Domain Controller" is detected by heim::host::platform for Windows (#302)
  • Windows domain name is provided by heim::host::os::windows::PlatformExt extension trait (#302)


  • MSRV bumped to Rust 1.46.0+
  • Dependencies are now set with caret dependencies instead of tilde ones
  • Examples moved to the separate workspace crate
  • Benchmarks moved to the separate workspace crate
  • process::Process::cwd for Linux returns AccessDenied error if IO operation fails with the permission error (#226)
  • Internal blocking operations are grouped together as much as possible in order to reduce execution time
  • net::Nic::is_up method represents only "up" state now, is_running method added also (#223)
  • heim::net::nic returns Send + Sync Stream now (#313)


  • Preliminary support for tokio and async-std crates introduced in v0.1.0-alpha.1 was removed
  • Leaking impl FromStr and impl TryFrom<char> was removed for process::Status enum (#260)


  • cpu::times for Linux correctly parses /proc/stat (#233)
  • Handle addition overflow when calculating CPU interrupts stats for Windows (#250)
  • Swap memory calculation fixed for Windows (#307)
  • heim::host::Platform::hostname value is not truncated for Windows (#302)

Older versions