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Simon Wilkinson and jaltman Allow zero-length encrypt IOVs in _krb5_evp_encrypt_iov_cts()
The iovec encryption code doesn't handle 0 length iovecs correctly.
Instead of just skipping them, _krb5_evp_encrypt_iov_cts() will spin
on the 0 length iovec.

Modify the _krb5_evp_iov_cursor_expand helper so that iovec expansion
simply skips 0 length iovecs, and make _krb5_evp_iov_cursor_nextcrypt
do the same.

Original bug report and tests from Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org>
Latest commit 07b3e6f Sep 18, 2018
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admin Misc fixes (coverity) Nov 20, 2016
appl use memset_s Apr 29, 2017
cf roken: test for auxv_t in whichever of auxv.h or sys/auxv.h we find Apr 18, 2018
doc Fix typos in setup documentation Apr 19, 2018
etc add NTMakefile and windows directories Jul 17, 2011
include sunpro c defines __SUNPRO_C not __SUNPRO_CC Apr 19, 2018
kadmin Use correct ret value in load error messages Dec 7, 2017
kcm KCM: restore support for Solaris doors IPC mechanism (#379) May 13, 2018
kdc KCM: restore support for Solaris doors IPC mechanism (#379) May 13, 2018
kpasswd Avoid interposing pidfile(), use rk_pidfile() instead Dec 20, 2016
kuser kinit: use result of security framework test to enable its use Oct 30, 2017
lib Allow zero-length encrypt IOVs in _krb5_evp_encrypt_iov_cts() Sep 18, 2018
packages Windows: add hcrypto headers to SDK May 25, 2018
po Fix subject verb agreement in error message... Mar 9, 2018
tests heim_verbose can't be used mid-stanza in shell commands Apr 19, 2018
tools In krb5-config resolve rpath_flag at build-time Mar 11, 2017
windows Windows: update SHA2 timestamp server Feb 24, 2017
.gitignore Goodbye push Nov 14, 2016
.travis.yml Travis: fix cpp-coveralls invocation May 30, 2017
ChangeLog We stop writing change logs, see the source code version control syst… Nov 12, 2008
ChangeLog.1998 changes upto 1998 Jun 7, 2000
ChangeLog.1999 move older stuff over to ChangeLog.1999 Nov 17, 2000
ChangeLog.2000 move older entries to ChangeLog.2000 Jan 3, 2001
ChangeLog.2001 changes from 2001 Aug 21, 2002
ChangeLog.2002 switch to utf8 encoding of all files Sep 13, 2008
ChangeLog.2003 switch to utf8 encoding of all files Sep 13, 2008
ChangeLog.2004 switch to utf8 encoding of all files Sep 13, 2008
ChangeLog.2005 switch to utf8 encoding of all files Sep 13, 2008
ChangeLog.2006 switch to utf8 encoding of all files Sep 13, 2008
ChangeLog.2007 switch to utf8 encoding of all files Sep 13, 2008
LICENSE update (c) Aug 24, 2014
Makefile.am Make builds reproduceable (#336) Sep 29, 2017
Makefile.am.common move check-local target to cf/Makefile.am.common May 19, 2002
NEWS Fix transit path validation CVE-2017-6594 Apr 13, 2017
NTMakefile Appveyor: workaround perl texinfo Jan 21, 2016
README fixup installation documentation Sep 28, 2009
README.fast kdc bits Jul 25, 2011
README.md Add markdown README, build badges May 17, 2017
TODO need to fix lib/krb5/expand_path_w32.c Jan 5, 2010
acinclude.m4 use m4_define, over-quote string Feb 12, 2004
appveyor.yml Appveyor: save artifacts on failure May 27, 2017
autogen.sh check for JSON perl module and if not found ask developer to install it Aug 23, 2014
configure.ac krb5: don't include plist support unless CoreFoundation is present Oct 30, 2017
krb5.conf Remove use of krb4 settings in example krb5.conf. Apr 27, 2014


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Heimdal is a Kerberos 5 implementation.

For information how to install see here.

There are man pages for most of the commands.

Bug reports and bugs are appreciated. Use GitHub issues or send e-mail to heimdal-bugs@h5l.org.

For more information see the project homepage https://www.h5l.org/ or the mailing lists:

Send e-mail to heimdal-announce-request@sics.se and heimdal-discuss-request@sics.se respectively to subscribe.

Build Status

Travis-CI build (Linux, OS X) Appveyor-CI build (Windows)