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Welcome to the pcapr.Local wiki!

There's so much to write and document about pcapr.Local, but we figured that we'll get the code out first before we hype it up. There are a number of things we need to document and do:


  • Add user management so each user can have his/her own directory
  • Add user-defined tags for each pcap and make that searchable with a tag cloud
  • Document the RESTful pcapr.Local API so you can do some serious data mining
  • Bundle this thing up into a VM (cloudfoundry or some such thing) so it's a drop-in install
  • Auto compact CouchDB as part of the indexing process so the file sizes don't grow and grow
  • Add lot more reports to each pcap (we just got started with a few)
  • Add ability to bulk-delete all of the failed pcaps
  • Add more packet visualization like http://www.youtube.com/user/mudynamics#p/u/6/zGxPnrLTkJM

If you got an idea (with code), please fork this and send us pull requests. We gladly take patches.