Rehosting the original game by FiLE.
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Rehost of the original game by FiLE.

What is IPcurve?

IPcurve is a multiplayer game similar to Achtung, die Kurve! (also known as Zatacka). Its features include local and network play, specials, player profiles and a great range of configurable options. Both German and English are supported languages.

Is this a complete repository of the original files?

Unfortunately it is not! I'm not the original author of IPcurve and the official hosting platform is offline since 2013. Wayback Machine has archived the website, but neither the sources nor the binaries.

If you do have any of the binary or source files feel free to contact me, especially if its the source code of 0.99 or 1.0.

The first publicly known version is 0.5-fixed, followed up by 0.6 and 0.9. These versions all include source code and binaries in the same archive. All versions up from 0.95 were published in 4 archives. One contained the source code while the other 3 were the Windows, Mac and Linux binaries. 0.99 changed the net code to use Raknet 3.0. The last update for the game was version 1.0 in 2009.

Here is an overview of what is available in this repository.

Version Archive name(s) Windows Mac Linux Source
0.5-fixed no no no no
0.6 yes no no yes
0.9 no no no no
no no no no
no no no no
yes no no no
yes yes no yes
1.1 only beta release - - - yes

Every contribution is appreciated.