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An experiment in Java HTTP server concepts.

Build Status

Requires JDK 8

Build using Gradle, for example

./gradlew build

then you can start the sample with

cd build/libs

java -jar JibbrJabbr-0.5.jar app=../../test/src/test/resources/app2/app

then browse to


The capabilities of the system are currently limited. There is a notion of modules as defined in the commonjs modules spec, so you can include a script name whatever.js in the same directory using

var whatever = require('whatever');

You can subscribe to browser events and manipulate documents using jQuery-esque syntax, in the server script, as in

$('#button').click(function() { $('#output').text('you clicked a button!'); }

There is an RPC mechanism that allows you to invoke in-browser javascript (that follows certain rules) from the server directly. The server is event-driven and 100% asynchronous, however the API appears synchronous.

DON'T DO ANYTHING SERIOUS WITH THIS. It is far from production ready. It likely has massive security holes. The API is barely specified, never mind implemented. You'd be crazy to use this as anything but a toy.

If you try running the tests and you're getting weird errors, make sure you've enabled assertions.

Owes a spiritual debt to webbit. Owes debts of a different nature to Guice, Netty, Rhino, jsoup, and jQuery

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