Würfelware - Passphrases for KeePass
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Würfelware - Passphrases for KeePass

A KeePass password generator. Generates passphrases within KeePass. In tribute to https://xkcd.com/936/.

What does Würfelware do?

It registers as a password generator in KeePass and generates passphrases. Passphrases are passwords consisting of multiple words, thus they are "phrases".

The words used to make passphrases are taken from a text file. Words are randomly chosen. The number of words per phrase can be configured.

The resulting passphrases look like those:

  • irin schade viper pass sollst
  • beraet fauna schere sampan herauf
  • ans teller gerben droben lullt
  • bau drehen flakon gnu gewann
  • kohle kasack unten festes kardex
  • sechse dose adlig pokal lage

Hard to guess but easy to memorize or type.


Download the latest release.


  1. unzip the files
  2. create a (new) sub-folder of the KeePass plugins folder (e.g. KeePass\Plugins\Wuerfelware - note: you have to create the sub-folder Wuerfelware when installing the plugin for the first time)
  3. copy the files to the newly created folder

Plugin files that must be copied to KeePass\Plugins\Wuerfelware are:

  • PwGenWuerfelware.dll
  • Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  • wuerfelware.txt

If everything is ok you should have a new password generator Würfelware available in KeePass.

Changing the word list

Only one word list is supported - it's in the wuerfelware.txt file. You can change the content of this file as you wish.

Whitespaces and line breaks are used as word delimiters, so a text file containing correct battery horse staple will be read as a word list containing 4 words.

Any numbers (like 12435) in this file will be ignored which is handy if you use an existing word list (like the initial wuerfelware.txt). Just leave the numbers in, they do no harm.

Supported Languages

The plugin language is English.

The initial word list wuerfelware.txt contains German words. You can replace the file content with words in any language.

Word lists

The initial word list wuerfelware.txt was downloaded from here: http://world.std.com/~reinhold/diceware_german.txt (A German word list provided by Benjamin Tenne under the terms of the GNU General Public License.)

I did not alter it, just renamed it to make the file name more generic.

There are more files in different languages available, you can get an overview here: http://world.std.com/~reinhold/diceware.html

Many more word lists can be found. A good keyword to google for is Diceware.