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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ commit) for a GitHub project on your website. It looks like this:
<div><img src="" alt="GitHub commit badge"></div>
It is implemented in JavaScript, meaning that it is completely client-based.
-Since this is the first time I've actually used JavaScript, the first time I
+Since this is the first time I've actually used JavaScript and the first time I
actually wrote a CSS from scratch expect things to be buggy.
That said, I'd be happy about ideas/patches. Look at the BUGS file or the
@@ -68,18 +68,18 @@ Website
+* Q: How does it work? Where does the data come from?
+* A: For each repository, the code will issue to API requests to GitHub to fetch the information.
* Q: Why is it called a badge when it's really more of a banner?
* A: Because I noticed that calling it banner increases the risk of it being
filtered by AdBlock etc.
-* Q: Why does the JavaScript code so scary and inconsistent?
-* A: Because I don't know a thing about JavaScript and the million things that can
- and do fail. That's why there might be some workarounds ;)
+* Q: The JavaScript code is not very pretty, why?
+* A: This was my first JavaScript project, and I've only been getting to know it.
* Q: What libs are used (and what for)?
-* A: jQuery for jQuery.getJSON and jQuery.each, datejs for Date.parse and md5 for
- md5\_hex (for the gravatar). Also I learned a lot from DrNic's GitHub-badges
- [](github-badges).
+* A: jQuery for jQuery.getJSON and jQuery.each, datejs for Date.parse.
@@ -1,9 +1,3 @@
-- Smiley beside the repo-name [DONE]
-- Brick beside commit-message [DONE]
-- Strip unnecessary functions from prototype (the biggest lib) [DONE] (prototype removed)
-- make BRANCH=master default and branch argument optional [DONE]
-- "Show files" link which expands the box and shows which files were added/removed/changed [DONE]
- Make things configurable (in github-commit-badge.js), like: dateformat, commit-message-length, gravatar size
- Rewrite the whole thing in jQuery to make it prettier and more portable

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