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Built In Primitive Sprites

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Built-In Primitive Sprites

There are many game genre's that rely on physics, maybe even almost all of them actually. You are building your game, and suddenly came to the realization you need a simple sprite as a placeholder, or as the main shape for a particle system. Whetever the case, you are in need of a white basic shape to color over.

Just to give an example, we simply want a simple triangle to make a fire effect by resizing, and coloring it different shades of red and orange.

Well, you could easily go out of your way and google something along the lines of "white triangle png" and bring back anything the serach results give you. Or even better, you can open almost any Adobe program, and draw that graphic you want yourself, then bring it back.

But here is the thing, it is just a triangle, a simple, three vertices shape. If you make it with either of this methods you might end up needing to resize, reformat or even try to lower its file size BEFORE actually using it.

Something so simple should surely have an easier way to do, right? Well, you are correct.

To immediately access the collection of simple sprites, you only need to navigate through:

(Right Click In The Inspector) > Create > Sprites > (Pick One)

Not only they are handy, but super optimized as well, coming in as small as 4x4 pixels in size. (Given their simple nature, scaling is way better than one might expect)


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