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Heketi provides a RESTful management interface which can be used to manage the life cycle of GlusterFS volumes. With Heketi, cloud services like OpenStack Manila, Kubernetes, and OpenShift can dynamically provision GlusterFS volumes with any of the supported durability types. Heketi will automatically determine the location for bricks across the cluster, making sure to place bricks and its replicas across different failure domains. Heketi also supports any number of GlusterFS clusters, allowing cloud services to provide network file storage without being limited to a single GlusterFS cluster.

Important Notice

Due to resource limits on the current project maintainers and general lack of contributions we are considering placing Heketi into a near-maintenance mode. While we plan to continue to fix issues, communicate with users, review PRs, and possibly even make small Quality-of-Life enhancements it is unlikely that any major new development will occur. The truth is, this is largely already the state of the project and this is our way of letting a wider audience know.

If you are a Heketi user who likes it and plans to continue using it please consider contributing to the project. Unless the activity level in Heketi increases it is likely we will need to put the project in full maintenance mode where only major bug fixes will be considered.


When a request is received to create a volume, Heketi will first allocate the appropriate storage in a cluster, making sure to place brick replicas across failure domains. It will then format, then mount the storage to create bricks for the volume requested. Once all bricks have been automatically created, Heketi will finally satisfy the request by creating, then starting the newly created GlusterFS volume.


Heketi source code can be obtained via the project's releases page or by cloning this repository.


Heketi's official documentation is located in the docs/ directory within the repo.


Please visit Vagrant-Heketi to try out the demo.



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