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Recursive photo renamer based on EXIF timestamp
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Recursive photo renamer based on EXIF Date and Time. The program consists of a single Bash script. Tested on Linux only, but should work on every platform supported by exif and Bash.

For usage help, run:

pictime -h

Pictime renames all files with extension jpg, jpeg, JPG and JPEG that contain a valid date and time EXIF record. The new name will have the format yyyymmddhhmmss.jpg. Optionally, the program can find and act upon all photos in all subdirectories. By default, it looks in the current directory only. Warning: the renaming operation always overwrites.


  • exif and libexif ( - on Ubuntu, simply install the exif package.
  • GNU bash (version 4.2.x) - should be installed by default on Ubuntu.
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