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A Font Package Manager built on top of Google Web Fonts and Node.js

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FTPM is a Font helper built on top of Google Web Fonts and Node.js. To install FTPM, just run:

npm install -g ftpm (it may require Root privileges)


FTPM allows you to manage system fonts (.ttf). You can also generate web font files(.woff), CSS from google and CSS with datauri code schema.

System font (for Mac and Linux ... Windows maybe soon)

FTPM would install a True Type font into your User font path

$ ftpm install magra

$ ftpm install "droid sans"

You can see all FTPM installed fonts just typing

$ ftpm local

And uninstall it

$ ftpm uninstall "droid sans"

Web font file

If want to host a web font files (.woff) without need an Google request, just use:

$ ftpm web magra

with output path

$ ftpm web magra public/font

CSS @font-face file

You can generate the traditional Google web font CSS

$ ftpm css magra

$ ftpm css "quantico:700italic"

$ ftpm css "quantico:400,400italic,700italic"

with output path

$ ftpm css magra public/css

CSS with datauri schema

Some folks prefer to use datauri encoding schema to avoid file request, FTPM gives you a simple way to do it

$ ftpm datauri magra

with output path

$ ftpm datauri magra public/css

Printing CSS @font-face

If you have a single css file for everything, FTPM has options that show css font code

$ ftpm css magra -s #you can use --show

$ ftpm datauri magra -s #once you have enough scrollback on your terminal :)


FTPM uses Node JSHint and Mocha Test Framework.

Into FTPM base files directory you should run:

$ make install
$ make test

You can run separated tasks:

$ make lint
$ make mocha


MIT License (c) Helder Santana

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