Prototype VR drafting tools for Architects & Urbanists
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Build/DesignBuild v0


DesignSpace is a prototype design tool for the HTC Vive for urban designers and architects, first developed during the 2016 AEC Hackathon in London. The tool demonstrates how you could load in and position reference images, work at scale, add simple block volumes, and sketch directly on the model.

Note that the current version still has quite a few bugs in both the UI and model interaction.


This Repo contains the Unity3D project files. To open the project, launch Unity3D, select 'Open' and navigate to this project folder.


Grip buttons: hold one to pan the entire scene, hold two to zoom/rotate the entire scene Trigger buttons: click buttons, select objects, move/scale/rotate objects


AEC hackathon team: Carlos de la Barrera, Lorenzo Greco, Thomas Phillips, Thomas Van Bouwel
3D Model London: Michal Konicek - Vertex Modelling
OBJ import script: AARO4130
Sky box created by Hazel Whorley


MIT License