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Hi Helen,
I love the idea to have a plugin, then help devs to create default styles only with class and markup, no inline styles. It is a important part for me to develop plugins with low maintenance.
This was the point for me, to create a plugin with this goal before long time:

Now to my question. You use different classes inside the plugin, always mp6-String. Will the next release only use this class or will WP back to the default, current default in core, classes? I think it is not easy to update and maintain theme and plugin admin areas to the new classes.


+1. If MP6 gets rolled into core, it will no longer be MP6. No need for "mp6-" prefix.


I guess this is what I get for experimenting with publicly linking to something early rather than when I feel "ready" - this was pulled directly out of MP6, as I felt that it was too hidden and cumbersome to encourage active collaborative development, and the merge window into core itself is fast approaching, during which the style guide would, of course, be stripped out anyway. I think the mp6 prefixed stuff comes from an initial pass at style guide-specific CSS by @ryelle - it's probably a good idea to change the prefix to something specific to the style guide as opposed to MP6 now that this is on its own. And yes, this plugin assumes MP6 right now, because presumably it will be merged very soon, and because this previously was hidden inside MP6.

@bueltge - I think the initial goal of this plugin is actually different - I want to develop all the components first, because there aren't any in WordPress. Documenting what currently exists sounds nice until you realize it's not reusable in any sort of sane way. The first step is to make test pages, and then the second is to style them. Then those test pages become the style guide, and then this plugin truly becomes a style guide, in that it will contain code to take over an install/site on a network. I have a plan, which I'll try to document in an understandable way through issues and continuing to flesh out the README soon.


About the mp6-prefixed classes: We had a few people asking for how they can pull in the color schemes' colors, given they can't be hard coded, so I created a few classes for general use. The page I created was then more for documentation than anything, and probably didn't belong in the style guide (and it was definitely a first-pass attempt at this).


@helenhousandi thanks for the reply. I think after your answer I understand the difference from our plugins and ideas to help developers.

I think the initial goal of this plugin is actually different - I want to develop all the components first, because there aren't any in WordPress.

But I think, that is not a great idea to change often the markup inside the back end. Is hard for developers to maintain his source, especially on VIP, Enterprise customers. I have used the current state of the backend markup to give the devs a little bid help to create default markup, there works ad hoc inside the WP back end, also after design changes. The reusable is the important part for me. We as devs will not change the markup, we will use it and ready. The design is the job of WP, not of the developers.
I will wait for the readme and your information about the goal.

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