A Hadoop input format to use gaphs in WebGraph's BV format with Hadoop and Spark.
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Hadoop WebGraph InputFormat

This input format enables the use of graphs in the WebGraph format (BVGraph) on clusters running Hadoop or Spark. Graphs must be provided as required by WebGraph in the form of three files stored on HDFS: basename.graph, basename.offsets, basename.properties. A nice collection of such graphs is available for download on http://law.di.unimi.it/datasets.php.

The input format loads the nodes of a graph in parallel, distributed according to the number of splits specified (default: 100). Each node is loaded by its ID (key) and an array of successor IDs (value), i.e., its neighbors connected by outgoing edges.

Loading a WebGraph with Spark using this input format works as follows:

import de.l3s.mapreduce.webgraph.io._

WebGraphInputFormat.setBasename(sc.hadoopConfiguration, "/hdfs/path/to/webgraph/basename")
WebGraphInputFormat.setNumberOfSplits(sc.hadoopConfiguration, 100)

val rdd = sc.newAPIHadoopRDD(sc.hadoopConfiguration, classOf[WebGraphInputFormat], classOf[IntWritable], classOf[IntArrayWritable])

To transform this into an RDD of tuples in the form of (ID, successor IDs) run:

val adjacencyList = rdd.map{case (id, out) => (id.get, out.values)}

The following code counts the number of edges in the graph:

rdd.map{case (id, out) => out.values.size}.reduce(_ + _)


Once loaded in Spark, a graph can also be used with GraphX, Spark's graph framework:

import org.apache.spark.graphx._

val edges = rdd.flatMap{case (id, out) => out.values.map(outId => (id.get.toLong, outId.toLong))}
val graph = Graph.fromEdgeTuples(edges, true)

Now, edges and nodes can be counted as follows:



To build a JAR file that can be added to your classpath, simple use MVN:

git clone https://github.com/helgeho/HadoopWebGraph.git
cd HadoopWebGraph
mvn package


This project has been published under GPL 3.0, since this license is used by WebGraph, of which parts of the code are reused here.