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Vunsy system

[program built on]

  • CodeIgniter PHP framework
  • Datamapper
  • Dojo+Dijit+Dojox
  • Jquery
  • KFM file browser

[The idea]

  • the idea is to make a site with fast way debending on the widgets and layouts giving permissions to evey content for several things viewing, deleting and so.

  • so as the section has the same thing built on it some applications accessible by a task bar like facebook one

[ Installation ]

  • 1- copy the vunsy folder to your web folder
  • 2- files needed to be configured vunsy/config.php

    if you want to make more configuration modify vunsy/system/application/config/config.php vunsy/system/application/config/database.php vunsy/system/application/config/vunsy_config.php vunsy/kfm/configuration.php

  • 3- to install database : open the vunsy website

    ex: http://localhost/vunsy/

    [ Running ]

  • 1- normal site: vunsyURL/index.php ex: http://localhost/vunsy/index.php
  • 2- login page: vunsyURL/index.php/login ex: http://localhost/vunsy/index.php/login
  • 3- logout page: vunsyURL/index.php/logout ex: http://localhost/vunsy/index.php/logout ----------------------------------------------------------------- [ Root default logon ] ---
  • 1- user name: root password: toor
  • you can change it from: vunsy/config.php ----------------------------------------------------------------- [ How to help us ] ---
  • contact me and tell you want to help on github
  • watch that repo to tell me that you are intersted [ click the watch button ]
  • fork that repo [ click the fork button ]
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