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A distribution package for TYPO3 CMS with added typo3_console support
PHP Shell
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Installation steps for helhum/typo3-distribution

Install using ddev (recommended)

  1. Download and install ddev
  2. Clone the repository git clone your-project
  3. Run cd your-project
  4. Checkout the branch matching your TYPO3 version (e.g. git checkout origin/9.5 -b 9.5)
  5. Run ddev start
  6. Open https://awesome-typo3.test/typo3/ in your browser to log into the backend

Install in any environment

  1. Download and install composer
  2. Run composer create-project helhum/typo3-distribution your-project
  3. Enter correct credentials during setup, select site as setup type when asked
  4. Run cd your-project
  5. Run vendor/bin/typo3cms server:run
  6. Enter in your browser to log into the backend
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