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A compiler for the language MiniJava

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jurov is a compiler for the MiniJava language. Is is written in C and should compile on Mac OS X and Linux.

For an introduction to MiniJava, see the documentation.



First, make sure that you have the dependences listed above installed. Then, to build jurov, simply run ./waf configure build

To remove all the binaries produced by the build, run ./waf distclean


jurov have been developed using BDD. It uses CuTest as the test framework with additional macros on top. Since CuTest is so small, it is bundled together with jurov. To run all the specs, just run ./waf configure build --spec


jurov uses Doxygen for all its documentation. To build the documentation you first need to install Doxygen. When doxygen is installed, run cd doc/ && doxygen

To view the documentation, just open doc/build/html/index.html

with your favorite browser.


jurov is licensed under the BSD license (3-clause BSD), see the LICENSE file for more details.

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