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Helio is free and open-source music sequencer, designed to be used on all major platforms.

Why another sequencer?

Most of the DAW interfaces often seem overcomplicated, and they only tend to get more and more bloated over time. Many of them are commercial, proprietary-licensed and almost none of them support all major operating systems at the same time.

Helio is an attempt to rethink a music sequencer to create a tool that feels right.

It aims to be a modern music creation software, featuring linear-based/pattern-based sequencer with clean UI, integrated version control for synchronizing project between devices, microtonal temperaments support, small portable builds and more; mainly targeted at hobbyist composers, game developers and indie artists. Check out this YouTube channel for some showcases.

Getting started

The latest builds can be found at

Check out the documentation to get started:


Basic build instructions

AppVeyor Travis CI
master AppVeyor Build Status Travis CI Build Status
develop AppVeyor Build Status Travis CI Build Status

Packaging status

Packaging status


Helio is still a work in progress, and there are several ways you could help:

  • Proofread and improve the translation for your native language.

  • Maintain a package for your favorite Linux distro - highly appreciated, please see the list of available and missing packages here.

  • Your thoughts on any usability improvements are welcome: friendly and lightweight UI is the main development priority in this project, so feel free to help identifying the main friction points.

Support the project

License and credits

GNU GPL v3 © Peter Rudenko and contributors, see LICENSE for details.

App icon by Valery Davletbaev, distributed under CC-BY. Other icons from various free icon fonts are licensed under SIL Open Font License and CC-BY.

Built-in metronome sounds are recorded by Ludwig Peter Müller, CC0.

The built-in SoundFont player instument is based on SFZero, written by Steve Folta and extended by Leo Olivers and Cognitone.

All documentation, translations and logotypes are distributed under CC-BY.

Translation and proofreading

Afrikaans - Jacques Viviers
Chinese - Bowen Sun, Yingchun Soul
German - Aninsi Sasberg
Italian - Claudio Stano, Riccardo Cariboni
Japanese - Kotone Itaya
Korean - YoungGwang Jeon, DaYeon Lee, HyoHee Jeon
Polish - Dawid Bugajski
Portuguese - Dario Silva, Daniel Leandro
Vietnamese - Dat T.The