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OBS build script, can be used with OBS or stand alone

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This script is used for building SUSE Linux RPMs in
a clean and safe chroot'ed build environment.

At first you need to copy your SUSE Linux CDs into a
path reachable by the build script, for example /home/suse-8.2-i386.

If you have a DVD Drive and the SUSE Linux DVD, you can mount it
and use this as the source for the RPMs.

To build an RPM, change into the directory with the sources
and the SPEC file. Then start the build script:
env BUILD_RPMS=/home/suse-8.2-i386/suse build

If this was successful you can find the binary and source RPMs below

Note: Depending on which package you want to build, you'll need
a few hundred megabytes for the build in /var/tmp/build-root.

For more information on using build, see 'man build'.
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