An implementation of Fictionary for Android. Includes Android client and Node.js server
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An implementation of Fictionary for Android

server/ contains a NodeJS server backend. It requires dictionary.sql to be loaded in a MySQL database. To start the server, set up the MySQL database with USE dictionary.

Setup the config.json following the instructions from server/runServer.js. Navigate to server/ and run npm i to initialize and npm start. Then, set the URL in fictionary-android/ to your instance.

Then, build and run the Android app.


  • Add better instructions for how to play, possibly with a viewpager/page by page for easy understanding.
  • Actually implement the game


Short term goals:

  • Have a working game on a single device.
  • Have an offline cache of SQLite3 database of words, instead of requiring a backend.
  • Get some icons

Long term goals:

  • Multi device support with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi.
  • Possible porting to React Native/Intel Multi-OS Engine/libGDX/Corona, depends on which one I want to learn
  • Cross-platform support (including possibly web)