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Heliopython Gallery

A Gallery of Examples and Tutorials for the Python in Heliophysics Community.

The gallery is hosted at the following url


Contributions of new tutorials and examples are encouraged on most any topic that is relevant to the use of Python in Heliophysics. This includes demonstrating functionality in existing heliophysics packages or showing off functionality in general scientific computing packages which may be of use to the community.

To contribute a new tutorial please provide a pull request. All tutorial files are stored in the gallery\ directory and must be a python file. The gallery uses the sphinx gallery plugin and all output including plots are generated automatically. You can see an example gallery here. The SunPy gallery is also a good example. For the required syntax see the sphinx gallery syntax documentation. Since the syntax is fairly straightforward you may also just refer to an existing tutorial file.

Previewing your Example

Once you open a pull request the build system will build and preview the site for you. There will be a check called "Giles" which will let you view the site and ensure that your example is formatted as you wish.


If you'd like to build the gallery on your local machine the easiest way is to use tox.

$ pip install tox
$ tox

The generated output can then be found in _build/html/index.html and can be viewed with any web browser.

Adding New Dependencies

If your example needs a package the gallery currently doesn't use then you should add it to the list in the requirements.txt file in the root of the repository.