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Live website

This code base is for the website:

The website is based on Jekyll, which automatically builds changes on GitHub. You don't have to run Jekyll yourself to make changes.

Add software package

  1. Fork this repo on GitHub.
  2. make your changes in _data/projects.yml
  3. Be sure to read the taxonomy to properly add keywords
  4. make a Pull Request on GitHub.

Add gallery example

To add a gallery example see the gallery repository.

[optional] Jekyll

Jekyll can be setup on Linux / Windows Subsystem for Linux for optional previewing of the website on your computer by:

  1. install
apt install ruby-dev libssl-dev
gem update --system
  1. be sure Gems are installed to home directory, NOT system (no sudo) by adding to ~/.bashrc:
    # Install Ruby Gems to ~/gems
    export GEM_HOME=$HOME/gems
    export PATH=$HOME/gems/bin:$PATH
  2. install Gem bundler (without sudo):
    gem install jekyll bundler
  3. from the top-level repo directory:
    bundle install   # one time
    bundle exec jekyll serve
    in several seconds the website is viewable at http://localhost:4000

Read the tutorial!

  • Learn about static site generators
  • Install Ruby and Jekyll
  • Create a custom website running on Jekyll and Sass
  • Deploy a Jekyll site to GitHub pages


The code is open source and available under the MIT License.

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