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1.1.0: Starbuck (RC1)

  • Added Filter Unification (FU) Mode. There are no settings to change, it is always on. This replaces the previous "Aggrssive Filtering" mode. It makes LPFs obsolete and boils all gyro filtering settings down to a single value, W. The Q settings still have a mild effect but we will be removing most values as they will no longer be relevant in the near future.

1.0.8: Odin (Hotfix)

  • Fixed an issue where the roll LPF setting for IMU-F was incorrectly applied to the pitch axis and vice-versa.
  • minor code cleanup items.

1.0.7: Odin

  • Kalman calculations updated with better covariance matricies. This results in a much smoother flight experience
  • imuf_AXIS_lpf_cutoff_hz - Default set to 180hz. In most cases, lowering the LPF overfilters and creates more noise. in cases where you might have frame resonance, or noisy propellers which create actual motion in the quad, you may want to lower your LPF. This is most common to change on larger quads (6"+). Before adjusting it, find which axis is the noisiest, and only lower the LPF value for the one axis, not all.
  • imuf_AXIS_q - Values are now "elastic". The defaults (3000) are now baseline values. This will predictably change based on conditions during flight. This results in a much more responsive and connected feel while reducing the potential for MTO and other unwanted flight characteristics, stemming from having Q as a fixed value.
  • imuf_w - is now global instead of per-axis. W is the number of samples to determine process noise adjustments. The higher W is, the more data is used. W32 is ~1ms of data or 32 samples. W64 is ~2ms of data or 64 samples and so on. Larger quads may want a higher W value (64+ for 6"+)
  • Fixed an issue in rare instances that would prevent calibration and arming.

1.0.6 (RC9): Caprica

  • LPF max value raised to 450.
  • Removed calibration on first arm.
  • imuf_mode removed from OSD menu.

1.0.6 (RC8): Caprica

  • Attitude updates at 1Khz (as opposed to 200hz in vanilla butterflight)
  • Auto-level gyro/acc calibration is fixed.
  • Calibration on first arm is enabled. it will be removed in the official release.
  • Defaults changes:
    • Default gyro and pid loop is 16k
    • note: The reason for this is people with 8 bit ESCs would attempt to set dshot600 as their protocol and it wouldn't arm. Digital Protocols drop packets at 32k. This is an implementation problem in BeF/BuF/blheli_32. We constrain the pid loop at 16K when selecting digital protocols due to the potential for desyncs.
    • Default protocol is Multishot
    • Default F4 clock speed is now 192MHZ. This is because Multishot runs better with the clock speed as a multiple of 32. You can set it to 168MHZ and things will still run fine, but 192 is preferred because of maths.
    • Default pids are now back down to 3.4.2 defaults. BeF pids were just way too high for practically anything running our board.
    • Default Anti-gravity gain is now 3 and antigravity feture is enabled by default. Mileage may vary. In some cases, it can help with stability, but with a gain of 5 (previous default) or 8+, it was causing oscillations rather than fixing them.
  • add imuf_rate setting. Accepted values: 32K, 16K, 8K, 4K, 2K, 1K. Use this to match your gyro loop speed.
    • NOTE: It is automatically kept in sync with the gyro speed dropdown as of RC2.
  • CLI: "version" now tells you what IMUF version you are running.
  • Configurator: You are now able to flash via the dropdown in the UI. :party_parrot:
  • replace imuf_AXIS_r with imuf_AXIS_w. This is similar to the previous "dyn_gain" setting except applies directly to our fully dynamic Kalman implementations and is applied per-axis. Accepted values: 0 - 199. Default: 10 (minimum 6). 106+ is an alternative Dynamic Kalman we are also testing. Once we have determined which is the most appropriate for the majority of users, we will be simplifying this option.
  • IMUF 1.0.5 fixes an issue with crc checking within IMUF.
  • IMUF 1.0.6 fixes an issue where calibration did not always occur correctly.
  • BuF 3.5.1+ requires IMUF 1.0.6+
  • BuF 3.5.1 release notes:
  • BuF 3.5.1 YAW D is ACTUALLY filtered.
set imuf_pitch_w = 10
set imuf_roll_w = 10
set imuf_yaw_w = 10
//alternate filtering method with wider dynamic gain value:
set imuf_pitch_w = 115
set imuf_roll_w = 115
set imuf_yaw_w = 115

1.0.3: Bacon & Spam

  • fix init bug where the quad wouldn't arm randomly in very rare instances.
  • remove imuf_dyn_gain as it created MTO in more instances than solved. Most suggestions were to turn it off in general.

1.0.2: Sausage

  • add auto-update, remove the need for "imufupdate" in console
  • fix imuf_dyn_gain scaling

1.0.1: Waffles

  • fix for imuf_dyn_gain

1.0.0: Pancake Batter (Initial Release)

  • Party Parrots Everywhere.
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