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Script to display Helios4 system status for i2c OLED screen.
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Application to display Helios4 System Status on I2C OLED display.

system status system time


git clone
cd sys-oled
sudo ./


Configure OLED display model

  1. Test which display model is the correct one by launching manually sys-oled and trying different display model as parameter until the System Status is showing correctly on the display.

Example :

sudo sys-oled --display ssd1306
sudo sys-oled --display sh1106

Supported values : ssd1306 (default), ssd1322, ssd1325, ssd1327, ssd1331, ssd1351, sh1106.

  1. Once you know which display model is the correct one, edit /usr/local/etc/sys-oled.conf and update the display_model= line.

Configure storage info

By default sys-oled will display usage info of your micro SDcard which is most probably your Root File System. You can display storage usage info of one more storage device by editing /etc/sys-oled.conf

sudo nano /etc/sys-oled.conf

You can edit the following lines to define for which storage devices you want to display usage info.

# Storage Device 1
# Device name
storage1_name = sd

# Device mount path
storage1_path = /

# Storage Device 2
storage2_name= md0
storage2_path= /mnt/md0

In the above example, we are displaying sd (SDcard) usage which is the rootfs mounted on '/'. We are also displaying md0 (RAID array) that is mounted on '/mnt/mnd0'.

Start the service

The install script will automatically setup sys-oled to start at every startup. Now you can either restart your Helios4 or you can launch directly the service with the following command:

systemctl start sys-oled.service


This sys-oled app was developed and tested only with the OLED model SH1106 which has a matrix panel of 132 x 64. If you use a different model that has a smaller resolution, you might need to tweak the coordinate values.

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