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A gem to include Skeleton CSS into Rails 3.1
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Skeleton is a Beautiful Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Development, a CSS framework.

Currently Skeleton supports:

  • Chrome latest
  • Firefox latest
  • Opera latest
  • Safari latest
  • IE latest

skeleton-rails injects version 2.0.4 of the Skeleton CSS framework functionality into Ruby on Rails application, by Helios Technologies.


Rails >= 4 is required.

  • If you are still using Rails 3.x then please use version 0.x of this gem.

Add to your Gemfile:

gem 'skeleton-rails', '~> 1.0'

then run bundle in the console, and then run:

rails g skeleton:install

command. This should add:

= require normalize
= require skeleton

into app/assets/stylesheets/application.css.

That's it, have fun!

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