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Helium Improvement Proposals (HIP)

Helium Improvement Proposals are the core unit of change in the Helium Network.

"How a bill becomes a law"

More details on process and how to participate can be found in HIP 7, "A Process For Managing Helium Improvement Proposals".

If you have questions or feedback, please see the Discussion section of this Repo, where you can open forums to propose changes, provide feedback, and discuss ideas on how to make Helium Governance better.

Looking for HIP19 hotspot manufacturer applications? Those have moved to their own dedicated repository: dewi-alliance/hotspot-manufacturers

Index of proposals

ID Title Status
1 Longfi and LoRaWAN
2 Sign miner
4 Expensing Data Credits for LoRaWAN Traffic
5 PoC fairness/epoch challenge limit
6 Ramp-up period for data transfer rewards
7 Process for managing Helium Improvement Proposals
8 XOR filter for LoRaWAN packet routing tables
9 Ensuring trust for non-Helium hotspots (DIY gateways)
10 Proportional reward scheme for data transfers
11 Amendment to proportional data transfer reward scheme
12 Remote location assertion
13 Transfer hotspot
14 PoC Ripple Method
15 Beaconing Rewards
16 Remove Score from Consensus Group Elections
17 Hex Density-based Transmit Reward Scaling
18 Remove Oracle Forecast for DC Burn
19 Approval Process For Third-Party Manufacturers
20 HNT Max Supply
21 PoC Link Layer Upgrades
22 DIY Concentrators (f/k/a Golden or Anchor Gateways)
23 Decouple Consensus From Gateways
24 Transfer Percentage of Hotspot
25 Validators
26 Payment Notes
27 Support CBRS 5G
28 Consensus Reward Adjustments
29 Multi-signature Keys
30 BLS12-381 for Threshold Cryptography
31 Governance by Token Lock
32 Split DCs Among All Transferers
33 Regional Reward Adjustments
34 Validator Node Security
35 RF Metadata Sidechannel
36 Blockheight Chainvar Activation
37 Omni-Protocol PoC
38 Validator Oracles
39 HNT Redenomination
40 Validator Denylist
41 Governance by Token Lock V2
42 Beacon/Witness Ratio - Witness Reward Limit
43 Software Release Guidelines
44 Witness Reward Decay
45 LoRaWAN Frequency Plan Selection
46 LoRaWAN NetID Routing
47 Increase DKG Failure Penalty
48 IP-over-LoRaWAN
49 LoRaWAN Sub-region Max EIRP Limit
50 Display All Potential Witness Beacons
51 Helium DAO
52 IoT subDAO
53 Mobile subDAO
54 H3Dex-based PoC Targeting
55 Validator Challenges
56 Improved State Channel Disputes
57 PoC Rewards Establishment Period
58 PoC Distance Limit
59 Reduce XOR filter fees
60 Entity-Weighted Vote
61 Increase Challenger Rewards
62 PoC Witness IP Check
63 Helium Hub
64 WiFi subDAO
65 Vendor HNT Lockup
66 Trust Score & Denylist Convenience
67 Repeal Redenomination
68 Open Service Subdao
69 Re-assertion Fee Reduction
70 Scaling the Helium Network
71 Scaling the Network with Governance & Hedera
72 Secure Concentrators
73 Consensus Deselection Weighting
74 Mobile PoC - Modeled Coverage Rewards
75 Initiate Programmatic PoC Emissions with an Updated Emissions Curve
76 Simplify Lockup Curve and veTokens
77 Launch Parameters for Solana Migration
78 Mobile SubDAO Onbaording Fees
79 Mobile PoC Mobile Mappers
80 Simplifying the DAO Utility Score
81 Minimum Device Onboarding Fees
82 Add Helium Mobile as a Service Provider to the Helium Mobile subDAO
83 Restore First to Respond Witness Rewarding
84 Service Provider Hex Boosting
85 MOBILE Hex Coverage Limit
86 Increase IOT Data Transfer Cost
87 Proportional Service Provider Rewards
88 Adjustment of DAO Utility A Score
89 MOBILE Network Onboarding Fees
90 Indefinitely Reduce IOT Location Assertion Cost
91 Data-Driven Extension: Continuation of Reduced IOT Location Assertion Cost
92 Correcting IOT Pre-mine Calculation Errors
93 Addition of Wi-Fi Access Points to the Helium Mobile SubDAO
94 Response Time Windows for Witness Rewarding
95 Self-Onboard Hotspots After Maker Exit
96 WiFi AP Onboarding Structure
97 Removing Manual MOBILE Location Assertions
98 MOBILE SubDAO Quality of Service Requirements
99 Formalize the Maker Program through a New Legal Entity
100 Deploy EU868 Region Plan to the Majority of Africa
101 Equalizing POC Rewards Across Wi-Fi and CBRS
102 Helium Educational LNS - Unrewarded Trial Network
103 MOBILE Oracle Hex Boosting
104 Finetune HIP-17 Parameters to Tackle Density
105 Modification of MOBILE subDAO Hex Limits
106 Hotspot Bidirectional Coverage Requirement
107 Preventing Gaming Within the MOBILE Network
108 Mobile Hotspot Suspension Framework
109 Hex Boosting by Deployment
110 Proxy Voting
111 MOBILE Data Utility Benchmark
112 Scaling IOT Location Assert Fees
113 Reward CBRS As Experimental
114 Incentive Escrow Fund for Subscriber Referrals
115 Redefining the MOBILE Maker Approval Process
116 LoRaWAN Device Address Price Adjustment
117 Add MNTD. as a Hotspot Vendor to the Helium MOBILE subNetwork
118 Verification Mapping for MOBILE Network
119 Closing Gaming Loopholes Within the MOBILE Network
120 MOBILE Data Connectivity and Usability
121 Service Provider Hex Boosting Improvements
122 Amend Service Provider Hex Boosting
123 Redefining IOT Data-Only Hotspot Onboarding and Assertion Fees
124 Securing IOT Governance Through Staking Rewards
125 Temporary Anti-Gaming Measures For Boosted Hexes
126 Flexible Data Pricing for MOBILE Network
127 Dynamic IOT Proof-of-Coverage
128 Energy Subnetwork

HIP Status Key

Status Label Summary
In Discussion HIP is under active consideration by the community and has a discussion channel on Discord.
Voting Open HIP is currently being voted on at
Closed HIP abandoned, rendered obsolete by other changes, or otherwise withdrawn by the author or governance.
Rejected HIP did not meet the passing vote requirements.
Approved HIP has been approved by consensus, and is pending development, testing or deployment.
Deployed Code to implement HIP has been deployed, and activated on the network, or the implementation has been performed.