Helium Arduino client library
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Helium for Arduino

Build Status

This code repository exposes an Arduino library for the Helium Atom module. The Helium Atom makes it easy to securely connect IoT devices and applications to back-end IoT services.

Getting Started

See a getting started guide on the Helium site.

Supported Boards

Board Din Dout Notes
Arduino Uno 9 8
Arduino M0 Pro 0 1
Arduino Zero 0 1
Arduino Due 9 8 Wire up RX3 (15) to pin 8 on board, TX3 to pin9
Arduino Mega 10 11

Example Setup

The example sketches can be found in the Arduino IDE under File > Examples > Helium.

Getting Help

If you have any questions or ideas about how to use this code - or any part of Helium - head over to the Helium Community Slack. We're standing by to help.


Want to contribute to helium-arduino? That's awesome!

Please see CONTRIBUTING.md in this repository for details.