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Helium Jekyll

A new Bootstrap 4 theme

The project is no longer mantained

Jekyll Themes Shield

Helium is a fast, modern and configurable Jekyll theme with some tricks up it's sleeve. It has a live theme switcher and it's main blog layout display prominent hero images for posts with colored overlays and nice animations.

Bootstrap theme source

helium sample helium theme


Though minimalistic-looking by nature, dactl is easily configurable and includes quite a lot of niceties:

Main features:

Jekyll-specific features:

Other features:

  • Blog page
  • Landing page samples
  • Tags functionality and tags pages
  • Link posts functionality
  • Mobile slider scrolling
  • Emoji support ⚡️⚡️⚡️ by copy paste from getemoji

Some of the features listed above can be easily configured or disabled by you.

Information about Helium

At it's core, dactl is a forked version of sentenza but it has been almost entirely rewritten from scratch.
I have just started my journey in the world of web development, learning new things on the way.
Looking for a way to put my newly acquired skills to test I found Jekyll and I quickly realized that it's going to be a good learning experience since I don't like building 'dummy' projects.
I've built this theme as a way to develop my skills further.

You can find credits at the bottom of this Readme file.
All feedback is welcome, both positive and negative.


Running locally

Assuming you've got Jekyll installed, clone or download this repo, cd to wherever you've put helium folder and run jekyll -s'

Hosting on GitHub

Fork this repo and rename it to and edit the _config.yaml file whit your github address and your links (such as social media username, email, name, ecc.)!
Your new helium-themed Jekyll blog should be up and running at

Additional information about some features

Hero images and blog layout

Liquid 'script' which is used to append correct hero image and overlay color as set in post YAML Front matter was written by me and while it's really basic it functions properly.
You can read more about it and see the code in include/utils/hero.html.

Tags & Tags Pages

Tags and tag pages are supported by using Jekyll's native collections functionality.


Resources used

Inspiration and thoughtful code-jacking

Inspiration and bits of things listed below are present inside dactl's code:

  • Daktilo - dactl is based on Daktilo and inherits it's one-column layout.
  • Hydejack - I've learned a lot about Jekyll when I took apart @qwtel's excellent fork of Hyde theme. I embraced his more partials = everything is easier to edit policy. Hydejack theme gave me an idea on how to create hero images liquid scripting, loading google fonts and using rem's/em's and more.
  • Minimal Mistakes - This guy makes awesome themes and writes a lot about Jekyll and it's more obscure use cases on his blog, Made Mistakes. Looking through his theme's code - Minimal Mistakes in particular - gave me lot of information about how to build a robust theme and how to make it configurable within _config.yml
  • Trophy - Link border slide animation SASS mixin which I slightly modified to be able to easily change the direction of the animation.
  • Various blog posts about Jekyll and Stackoverflow posts with useful Liquid snippets.


All parts of helium Jekyll theme are free to use and abuse under the open-source MIT license.


  • Add Ads Block to home page
  • Minimize .css in <head> and all images for faster load times
  • 404 page styles
  • Create hightlight style for code parts

Help out

Im Antonio Trento and I'm looking for funds to be able to open my IT development company with many on-site projects, unfortunately they are hardly feasible without collaboration and an economic base.

If you want to contribute you can donate ethereum or bitcoin: