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vrana committed May 14, 2012
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Transactions in export
Create view and routine options
Variables editation
-Highlight SQL textarea - may use external CodeMirror
Blob download and image display in edit form (important for Editor with hidden fields in select and SQL command)
Add title to Logout, edit (in select) and select (in menu) for style "hever"
Shift-click in checkboxes to select range
Export by GET parameters
Only first part of big BZ2 export is readable, files are missing in TAR
-Double click in select - Esc to abort editation
Draggable columns in alter table (thanks to Michal Manak)
<option class> for system databases and schemas - information_schema and driver-specific (thanks to Vaclav Novotny)
-Define indexes and foreign keys name -
+Define foreign keys name -
Skinnable plus.gif and other images -
Selectable <option>(on update)<option>CURRENT_TIMESTAMP for timestamp -
? Filter by value in row under <thead> in select

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