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MACRO (razor_config_register DesktopFile)
# Create a dummy symlink from desktop file to RAZOR_CONFIG_MODULES_DIR
# where are expected apps to be listed in razor-config
install(FILES ${DesktopFile} DESTINATION share/razor/razor-config)
# code below does not work with rpm building
# it is not symlinked (duplicated files) but it works at least...
# install(CODE "message(STATUS \"Registering ${DesktopFile} into config framework: ${RAZOR_CONFIG_MODULES_DIR} \")")
# install(CODE "execute_process(COMMAND mkdir -p ${RAZOR_CONFIG_MODULES_DIR})")
# this should work but it doesn't. Dunno why and I'm so bored to try it...
#install(CODE "execute_process(COMMAND \"${CMAKE_COMMAND}\" -E create_symlink \"${DesktopFile}\" \"${RAZOR_CONFIG_MODULES_DIR}\" OUTPUT_VARIABLE cout ERROR_VARIABLE cout)")
# install(CODE "execute_process(COMMAND ln -s \"${DesktopFile}\" \"${RAZOR_CONFIG_MODULES_DIR}\" OUTPUT_VARIABLE cout ERROR_VARIABLE cout)")
#install(CODE "message(STATUS \" result: ${cout}\")")
ENDMACRO (razor_config_register)
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