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everest - REST applications for python

everest is an extension of the popular Pyramid framework aimed at simplifying the development of REST applications in Python.

everest features in a nutshell:

  • A resource declaration framework that allows you to expose an entity domain model through a REST application;
  • Extensible views for performing standard CRUD operations on resources in response to REST requests;
  • Representers that convert resources to string representations and vice versa for a number of MIME types (XML, ATOM, CSV, JSON);
  • A repository layer with four different storage backends: a memory backend, a file system backend, a NoSQL database backend and a relational database backend;
  • A query language for expressing complex hierarchical queries on the resource object tree through URLs;
  • A Flex client (distributed separately).


Installing everest is simple. You need

  • A recent version of Python (2.7.x). See here for instructions;
  • The pip Python package installer. Follow the instructions here to get it;

With these requirements in place, all you need to do to install everest is to issue the command

> pip install --allow-external python-graph-core --allow-unverified python-graph-core everest

(the --allow-external and --allow-unverified flags are required for the python graph core package which has not been maintained in a while).



everest is hosted on github. To contribute, please fork the project and submit a pull request. Please adhere to PEP8 in your code and ensure 100% test coverage and zero pylint errors and warnings (using the configuration file supplied in the support directory).