Playing with dockerizing Swift for Raspberry Pi
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helje5 Install `curl` in the Swift 5dev image
This is not the correct fix as we do not really need the
curl tool, just the proper library coming with it. But
well, it gets the job done :-)
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Playing with dockerizing Swift for Raspberry Pi.

Inspired by uraimo/buildSwiftOnARM.

Also note the companion project: swift-mac2arm-x-compile-toolchain, a cross compiler toolchain which allows you to build Raspi Swift binaries on macOS (and the reverse for the fun of it!).

Running Swift w/ Docker on macOS


docker run --rm  helje5/rpi-swift swift --version
Swift version 3.1 (swift-3.1-RELEASE)
Target: armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf

There is also an image which includes Emacs, vi, etc:

docker run -it --rm  helje5/rpi-swift-dev bash

Note that the REPL doesn't work on the Raspi.


Want to run Server Side Swift on a Raspberry Pi? Use mod_swift.


As of 2018-04-05 the latest working Swift version for Raspi is Swift 3.1.1.

We do provide a docker image for 4.1.0. It basically works, but isn't stable (e.g. crashes on some operations). It also doesn't include the Swift Package Manager.

Setup Raspi w/ Docker and remote-control it from macOS

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Building Swift w/ Docker on macOS

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No idea, still investigating this :-)


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There is the swift-arm Slack channel if you have questions about running Swift on ARM/Raspberry Pi.