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Performance Comparison of Swift http-parser port

Source Repository is:

Swift port was branched of C http-parser Version 2.6.0, git hash:


Swift port version this started from:


Port Specific Notes

The port has NOT been optimized for speed at all.

  • macros have been replaced with func's
    • so the compiler has to be smart to inline them
    • the C macros have been accessing local state, to simulate that I used nested functions
  • the big goto loop has been replaced with a step function,
  • there are a few dispatch tables which are converted straight to Swift arrays, such are range-checked etc
  • callbacks are done using regular Swift closures

Ideas to get the Swift faster

Instruments says that almost all the time is lost in ARC.

  • the dispatch tables are stored in global-let's, does this always have a dispatch_once overhead?
    • the parser might need to grab a copy of the pointer on startup or execute, but the macros would need to move into the parser.
  • the callback closure invocations are pretty slow, we may be able to convert such to convention(c) closures
    • Update: this does not seem to be possible at the moment as Swift structs can't be marked as convention(c) (hence the callbacks can't be either)
      • there is an unofficial convention(thin), but that is too easy to crash
      • we may be forced to switch to a delegate protocol to get appropriate performance
  • would unwrapping the nested funcs have any perf advantage?


Bottom line so far:

  • C version is very fast (>20m requests per sec)
  • Swift 2.3 is 3x slower than C, but 6.5x faster than Swift 3p4
  • Swift 3p4 is really slow, maybe debug code related?

Obviously I may have made mistakes, as before :-)

2016-08-08 master

MacPro 3.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5

C Version - Release Build (2016-08-08):

[0] time: 93ms
[1] time: 93ms
[2] time: 96ms
[3] time: 95ms
[4] time: 94ms
Total: 471ms COUNT: 10002000

Swift 2.3 (2016-08-08) - Release Build, safety checks off

struct vtable:
[0] time: 311ms
[1] time: 306ms
[2] time: 308ms
[3] time: 305ms
[4] time: 308ms
Total: 1538ms COUNT: 10002000
protocol with closures:
[0] time: 1919ms
[1] time: 1953ms
[2] time: 1934ms
[3] time: 1916ms
[4] time: 1932ms
Total: 9654ms COUNT: 20004000

Swift 3 Preview 4 (2016-08-08) - Release Build, safety checks off

struct vtable:
[0] time: 2021ms
[1] time: 2017ms
[2] time: 2027ms
[3] time: 2020ms
[4] time: 2021ms
Total: 10106ms COUNT: 10002000
protocol with closures:
[0] time: 3865ms
[1] time: 3873ms
[2] time: 3905ms
[3] time: 3875ms
[4] time: 3880ms
Total: 19398ms COUNT: 20004000

Instruments Says

  • lots of ARC killing perf
    • TODO: check with latest w/o closures

struct-parser branch

  • this is in master now

lookup-tables branch

  • this is in master now

always-inline branch

  • this is in master now


Test performance of http-parser in Swift and C



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