Help translate our projects into your language.
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Help translate our projects into your language.

It is highly recommended not do to translate into a language, which you don't speak natively.

Why Bother Translating?

For the people that just don't understand English as good as you, it is nice to have human-generated translations - and if you decide to translate a good amount of strings, you will be mentioned in the credits of Netdex and get the Translator badge on your Profile, which, of course, will require you to specify your Netdex username, first name, and optionally last name, in the Pull Request.

A Full Guide to Translating using Github

  1. First of all, you will need to keep the two-letter language code of your language in mind.

  2. Then, for you to be able to work, you'll need to Fork this Repository.

  3. If you do not spot a .txt with your two-letter language code as the name:

    1. In your fork (, create a new file with xx.txt as the name, wherein you replace xx with your two-letter language code.
    2. Copy the contents of the new.txt into your freshly-created file.
  4. Now you can translate from English into your language. Some tips on translating:

    1. If you are ever unsure what a translation means, feel free to look at the other files, and if they don't help, Open an Issue.

    2. If you can't translate something into a correct sentence, don't hesitate to Open an Issue and describe the problem as good as possible.

    3. Once you have translated a string (everything after the =), you'll have to remove the "# " in front of the line, to tell our system "this is translated."

    4. Most importantly: Don't forget to commit your changes.

  5. When you feel like your translation is "good enough for now", you may Create a Pull Request for it to be visible.