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This is a list of things to be done on ooni-probe.
Once you have completed something you should add a
note to this file stating what you have done under
the item.
Migrate code from old
Migrate all the interesting parts of the old code to the new.
It's important to make the new code asych and based on gevent.
It should respect the design goals of the new ooni-probe model.
* All the parts related to HTTP and Squid (old/ooni/
effort: low, skill: medium
* All the captive portal detection tests (old/ooni/
and old/ooni/
effort: low, skill: low
- The captiveportal test is a port of the old code, plus
a couple new methods for testing.
* All the DNS censorship detection tests (old/ooni/
effort: medium, skill: medium
- The dnstamper test fulfills this requirement, although
there are several improvements which could be made, namely
figuring out if there is a pattern to the reverse resolved
names and parsing them in some manner to determine if that
server is authorized to serve the requested page.
* Misc scripts to detect censorship that are not written in any
version of OONI (old/ooni/plugins/old_stuff_to_convert/)
effort: low-medium, skill: low-medium
New things to develop
These are either components specific to the new refactor of ooni
or that we haven't yet figured out how they should work.
* Design and implement the Worker and the Unit of Work classes
* Design and implement the Node Factory
* Design and implement the Network Node and the Code Exec node classes
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