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-ooni-probe - Open Observatory of Network Interference
+# ooni-probe - Open Observatory of Network Interference
"The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."
- John Gilmore; TIME magazine (6 December 1993)
@@ -8,6 +8,29 @@ network which aims is to collect high quality data using open methodologies,
using Free and Open Source Software (FL/OSS) to share observations and data
about the various types, methods, and amounts of network tampering in the world.
+# Let's get started with this already!
+To run OONI-probe without having to install it you must tell python that it can
+import modules from the root of ooni-probe.
+You must therefore run from the root of the repo:
+Then to see what tests are available:
+ cd ooni
+ python
+If you see some errors see INSTALL to install the missing dependencies.
+To list the help for a specific test:
+ python httpt --help
+# More details
With the belief that unfettered access to information is a intrinsic human right,
OONI seeks to observe levels of surveillance, censorship, and network discrimination
in order for people worldwide to have a clearer understanding of the ways in
@@ -32,7 +55,7 @@ tests and collecting data on censorship.
OONI revolves around three major concepts: Assets, Tests and
-# Assets
+## Assets
Assets are the inputs used inside Tests to detect censorship events.
These can be URL lists, keywords, ip addresses, packets or any kind
@@ -41,7 +64,7 @@ In the python specific implementation this is represented as a python
iterable object. This means that the Testing framework will be able
to iterate through every element in the Asset.
-# Tests
+## Tests
This is the core of OONI. These are the actual tests that will be run
using as input (if an input is required) the Assets.
@@ -55,7 +78,7 @@ that may be useful when developing censorship detection tests. For example
it is possible to make a request over the Tor network easily or use a fast
and flexible non-blocking HTTP client implementation.
-# Reports
+## Reports
This is the data that is collected from the test. OONI probe provides a
flexible means of storing results and uploading this data to a remote

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