zcash-cli cockpit based command line web interface for linux servers
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zcash-cli cockpit plugin - a browser based wallet ui for zcash based coins

install cockpit

Fedora Server comes with Cockpit installed.

Installing Cockpit in Ubuntu 16.04

Access cockpit at the following url: https://localhost:9090/

install zcash


Follow the Install Guide to build zcash from source.

prepare your linux system

Login to your linux server with your regular user account to get started.

nproc and pidof commands are required to be functioning by this plugin.

zcash-cli-cockpit plugin requires "zcash-cli" executable to be in your system path. It is possible to create a symbolic link to the "zcash-cli" binary.

cd zcash_git_checkout_dir
sudo ln -sr ./src/zcash-cli /usr/bin/zcash-cli

installing zcash-cli-cockpit plugin

Cockpit will search ~/.local/share/cockpit/ directory for plugins.

mkdir ~/.local/share/cockpit/

Change directory and clone the git repository.

cd ~/.local/share/cockpit/
git clone https://github.com/hellcatz/zcash-cli-cockpit

Upgrading? Since there is no official relase at this time, you must "pull" the lastest from "master" using git.

cd ~/.local/share/cockpit/zcash-cli-cockpit
git pull

Open https://localhost:9090/ in your web browser and login to cockpit. Look for a new menu entry under "Tools" called "zcash-cli".

donate to project author hellcatz

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