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A simple note-taking utility, inspired by this beautiful article by Peter Lyons. It will write all of your musings to a file called ~/.daily_log. Currently no project-specific note-taking is possible or planned.


notes unpythonically chooses to be installed via make. The relevant command is make install. It will set you up. notes is written in Python, and a Python interpreter is required on your $PATH. Python 2 and 3 should both work.


notes has four major modes: edit, show, search/isearch, and dump.

The edit mode will be entered by typing notes edit, which will open your favorite editor as determined by the $EDITOR path variable—defaulting to vi, noone’s favorite editor. In it, you can write notes to your hearts content. After you’re done, save the file and exit. The contents of that file will be appended to the log, with an added date.

dump mode—the other writing mode—will be entered by typing notes <anything not starting with another command name>. It will take any arguments supplied and dump them into your log file verbatim. This means you can use it like so:

$ notes i restarted the server and found out it has trouble rebooting on its own

The prefixed date helps you localize it.

The show mode will just dump the file as-is. Protip: use less or a similar utility to make sense of this mess.

For a full-text search of your logs using regexes, use search mode. It is capable of multiline regexes as well. If you want case-insensitive matches, use isearch.

Have fun!