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A REPL for my SBCL needs
Common Lisp Shell
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A better REPL for SBCL. It handles errors greacefully, is not too verbose, and has readline capabilities, including multiline input and reset.


For most cases, calling ./ should suffice. It will install sbcli into /usr/local/bin. If you are using Mac and having issues with cl-readline see the installation notes for cl-readline.


sbcli depends on Quicklisp and cl-readline. If you have Quicklisp installed, cl-readline will be installed on sbclis first launch. sbcli assumes that Quicklisp is installed under ~/quicklisp.


You should be able to launch sbcli by just typing sbcli. Once you’re in the REPL, you can edit normally with readline capabilities. Hitting tab will autocomplete (note that if there is more than one possibility, you’ll have to hit tab twice).

Typing :help will give you an overview over all the available special cases and give you an overview over what you’ve defined.

Typing :h symbol will enter inspection mode for a symbol. Typing CTRL-D exits inspection mode.

Typing :q, CTRL-D, or CTRL-C will exit the REPL.

Typing :r resets the environment.

Typing :d symbol dumps the disassembly of a symbol.

Typing :s filename will save all of the expressions that were typed and evaluated to the file specified, in the format:

(+ 1 2) ; => 3
(* 6 10) ; => 60

Of course, depending on your result, this can result in very long lines, or break if your result contains newlines. Use at your own peril for now!


If you want you can add customizations to sbcli. On startup it will load a file called .sbclirc in your home directory if it exists. You can execute arbitrary code there, two of the more interesting values to set are *prompt* and *ret*. Check out an example resource file here.

Have fun!

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