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; this is a test of terminal colors, as well as a rudimentary test of
; the display (MEM_MAP_SCREEN and SET_BORDER_COLOR) as well as the
; clock device: we change the border color on every clock tick, which we
; configure to be 2Hz.
hwn z ; scan for hardware
inithw.1: sub z, 1 ; next device
ifu z, 0 ; done?
set pc, inithw.2
hwq z ; fetch device description
ife a, 0xf615 ; is it the screen?
ife b, 0x7349
set [display], z
ife a, 0xb402 ; is it the clock?
ife b, 0x12d0
set [clock], z
set pc, inithw.1 ; again
inithw.2: set a, 0 ; map screen to vidram
set b, [vidram]
hwi [display]
ias isr ; set up the clock interrupt
set a, 2
set b, 1
hwi [clock]
set a, 0 ; set clock rate to 2hz
set b, 30
hwi [clock]
set a, [vidram] ; set up to draw the screen
set b, 0
set c, 0
set i, 0
loop: ife i, 384 ; wrote the whole screen?
set pc, wait
set [a], b ; set the fg
shl [a], 0x4
bor [a], c ; set the bg
shl [a], 0x8
bor [a], 0x41 ; write 'A'
add a, 1
set [a], [-1+a] ; following char is the same...
bor [a], 0x80 ; ...but blinking
add a, 1
add i, 2 ; increment index
set j, i
mod j, 32 ; at end of row?
ife j, 0
add c, 1 ; if so, advance bg
add b, 1 ; advance fg each time
set pc, loop ; again
wait: ifl [count], 10 ; wait 5 seconds
set pc, wait ; halt
; palette cycling test
set a, 5
set b, [palram]
hwi [display]
set a, 2
set b, [palram]
hwi [display]
ias 0 ; disable interrupts
set a, 0 ; reset clock rate to 60hz
set b, 1
hwi [clock]
set i, 0
palloop: set j, i
add j, [palram]
add [j], 1
add i, 1
mod i, 16
set a, 1 ; await clock tick
hwi [clock]
set x, c
waittick: hwi [clock]
ife x, c
set pc, waittick
set pc, palloop ; continue cycling until shutdown
isr: set push, b ; save
add [count], 1 ; increment tick count
add [border], 1 ; advance border color
set a, 3 ; and set the border
set b, [border]
hwi [display]
set b, pop ; restore
rfi 0
; variables
display: dw 0xffff
clock: dw 0xffff
vidram: dw 0x8000
palram: dw 0x9000
border: dw 0
count: dw 0
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