This library contains attestation specific types and logic, to be shared between bloom repos.
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edhedges Fix `getAttestationTypeAttrib` from incorrectly throwing. (#25)
* Give medical a non-zero `scoreWeight`

A zero `scoreWeight` will cause `getBloomIDStrength` to throw due to the conditional check in `getAttestationTypeAttrib` seeing 0 as a falsey value.

* changed `medical` back to 0, but fixed logic to not throw for 0 score

Also added simple test demonstrating / ensuring that the consumers of `getAttestationTypeAttrib` don't throw unnecessarily.

* setting it back to 0 again after merge
Latest commit cf355ea Nov 29, 2018


Shared types and logic between blooms iOS and web dApp, attestation-kit, and share-kit.


yarn add @bloomprotocol/attestations-lib