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Playing SuperMario via flow-based curiosity exploration & RL agent.
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Exploration via flow-based intrinsic Rewards

[Paper] [Demo Video] [Reddit Discuss]

This is a TensorFlow based implementation for our paper on Exploration via Flow-Based Intrinsic Rewards.

Flow-based intrinsic module (FICM) is used for evaluating the novelty of observations. FICM generates intrinsic rewards based on the prediction errors of optical flow estimation since the rapid change part in consecutive frames usually serve as important signals.

Without any external reward, FICM can help RL agent to play SuperMario successfully.

This repo is inherited from large-scale-curiosity, and we also borrowed correlation layer from flownet2_tf.


  • Python3.5


pip install -r requirement.txt
pip install git+

FICM-C (Optional)

If you want to use FICM-C architecture, you'll need to compile for correlation layer additionally.

cd correlation_layer
make all

Note: You might encounter some errors raised from the source codes of tensorflow, you can easily change the header file of 'cuda_kernel_helper.h', 'cuda_device_functions.h', and 'cuda_launch_config.h'

SuperMario (Optional)

If you want to train an agent to play SuperMario, you need to install retro and import SuperMarioBros-Nes game.

pip install retro

Read the official guide here

Example usage


python --feat_learning flowS --env_kind mario


python --feat_learning flowS --env SeaquestNoFrameskip-v4 --seed 666


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