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cldECS is a simple Entity-Component System framework. It's a bit of a pet project I’ve been tinkering with in different forms for different languages off and on for the last few years. This latest version, written in C++, is the most complete version I’ve created thus far, and I’m fairly confident in it’s usefulness for my own purposes. Having said that, it’s worth mentioning that cldECS is far from the most functional, robust or efficient ECS library out there. Being the pet project that it is, it’s likely to remain that way too. I developed it to suit my own needs as well as to sate my my desire to develop my own framework from scratch. I’m by no means a professional programmer, nor am I a very good one. I’m a hobbyist looking to make some things because I want to. The reason I’m sharing this one with you is because:

  • I had a lot of fun making this framework
  • I think it’s actually pretty useful

You can build the latest documentation from the source with Doxygen.


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