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This repository contains the docs for Exist's API, which live at They're built on Slate, so I've left the Slate readme contents here so you have instructions for building your own copy.


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Slate helps you create beautiful API documentation. Think of it as an intelligent, responsive documentation template for your API.

Getting Started with Slate


You're going to need:

  • Linux or OS X — Windows may work, but is unsupported.
  • Ruby, version 1.9.3 or newer
  • Bundler — If Ruby is already installed, but the bundle command doesn't work, just run gem install bundler in a terminal.

Getting Set Up

  1. Fork this repository on Github.
  2. Clone your forked repository (not our original one) to your hard drive with git clone
  3. cd slate
  4. Install all dependencies: bundle install
  5. Start the test server: bundle exec middleman server

Or use the included Dockerfile! (must install Docker first)

docker build -t slate .
docker run -d -p 4567:4567 slate

You can now see the docs at http://localhost:4567. Whoa! That was fast!

Note: if you're using the Docker setup on OSX, the docs will be availalable at the output of boot2docker ip instead of localhost:4567.

Now that Slate is all set up your machine, you'll probably want to learn more about editing Slate markdown, or how to publish your docs.

Need Help? Found a bug?

Just submit a issue to the Slate Github if you need any help. And, of course, feel free to submit pull requests with bug fixes or changes.


Slate was built by Robert Lord while at TripIt.

Thanks to the following people who have submitted major pull requests:

Also, thanks to Sauce Labs for helping sponsor the project.

Special Thanks

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